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Q. If I do nothing will the problem get worse?
A. If the settlement or damage to a structure is “soil” related, it can “change condition” at any time or never show progression again. If it is related to deterioration of a supportive member of the structure, it will always progress with negative results.

Q. Will my insurance pay for the repairs?
A. Settlement or damage that occurs suddenly and without previous conditions are more likely to be covered than a condition that has created damage to a structure over a long period of time. All policies have different conditions and exclusions.

Q. Do you need a permit?
A. Yes. All of the Bay area municipalities require a permit for all foundation repairs no matter what the scope of work or cost to complete the repairs. Building inspectors are a third party to protect the homeowner by insuring that repairs meet the proposed design and state guidelines.

Q. Will the interior of my home be affected by the repair of the foundation?
A. There is always the possibility of unforeseen damage. The extent of the damage to a structure is typically relative to the extent of settlement that has occurred prior to commencement of the repair. Anytime you lift or stabilize a structure, it may result in some varying degree of shifting that can cause interior/exterior damage.

Q. Do I have to move out of my home while the repairs are being done?
A. Extensive sinkhole related settlement and or damage can create the need for interior/exterior repairs that make it difficult to live in some areas of the home for a period of time. Foundation repairs below elevated homes can almost always be completed without extensive disruption of normal activities within the home.

Q. Is the work warranted?
A. Underpinning and foundation related repairs completed by us to specific areas of the home that are determined to not be sinkhole related are warranted for the life of the home.

Sinkhole remediation is very different. Compaction grouting or injection pier placement is completed according to a remediation plan proposed by the Geo-Engineering Firm hired by the insurance company when the claim was made to determine whether settlement is sinkhole related or not as specified in chapter 627.7073 of the Florida Statutes. Repairs deemed sinkhole related are typically only warranted by the insurance coverage provider against re-occurrence for a period of 3 years as long as the original repair was completed under the monitoring supervision of the Geo-Engineering Firm hired by them. You must always check with your insurance provider or agent about the specifics of your individual policy with respect to sinkhole coverage or warranty.

Q. How long does the work take?
A. All projects are different according to the scope of work: Typical foundation repairs can require concrete pours and inspections from the building department and take 5-10 days as a general reference. Sinkhole remediation on the other hand takes approximately 14-21 days from the time the grout pipes are drilled into the ground until the actual grouting process is completed. You should always receive your approved final inspection reports and signed lien releases prior to submitting final payment to your contractor.

Q. Is Wisdom Structural licensed and insured?
A. Yes, Wisdom Structural is a state licensed contractor and we are required to provide renewal certificates annually for our workman's compensation & general liability insurance in order to keep an active license status. You will receive copies of current insurance certificates directly from our insurance provider showing your name and property address in the certificate upon request.

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As a Realtor since 1974 I often find myself a resource for ‘who does what well’ and Scott Morrison of Wisdom Structural has helped make me look good for years.  Scott approaches structural issues with a calm knowledge and turns issues that initially look and sound insurmountable into a little dirty work.  Well, maybe a lot of dirty work. 

Wisdom has performed minor miracles for my buyers, sellers, friends, colleagues, and on my personal residence as well…at which I donned my ‘under the house costume’ and crawled with the Wisdom crew to photograph their work up close and personal.  Trust me, this is a job that should be done by an expert who really knows what needs to be done and can avoid the unintended consequences that often accompany lifting and/or stabilizing a foundation.  When asked for contractor referrals I usually have 2 or 3 good names to share, but when it comes to under-structure work Wisdom is the only one!

Patty Vergara
Broker-Associate, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate